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Are you a business owner? Contact Us ->
Bitcoin is good for business

Bitcoin is good for business

Reduce costs, reward loyal customers & incentivize new ones with our powerful marketing and sales platform.

  • Accept Bitcoin

    Start accepting bitcoin payments in minutes, with the option to instantly convert to your local currency.

  • Bitcoin Rewards

    Offer bitcoin promotions and rewards to keep customers coming back.

  • Bitcoin Made Easy

    No special hardware or training required; effortless for you and your staff.

Rewards & Loyalty

A powerful marketing and rewards platform

Replace stars, punch cards, and coffee points with something that people really want - Bitcoin. Grow your business and reach new customers with Bitcoin rewards and loyalty.

  • Sats Back Deals

    Sats, or satoshis, are small amounts of Bitcoin. Promote your deals and give sats back to customers.

  • ₿commerce Platform

    Ecommerce is great, ₿commerce is better. Join forces with other great businesses to promote and sell to locals.

  • New Customer Base

    Tap into the growing number of cryptocurrency enthusiasts near you.

  • Digital gift cards

    Offer discounts and bitcoin rewards on gift cards to incentivize customer loyalty.

  • More Visibility

    Add your business to the map for free so customers can keep track of you and your deals.

  • Presales

    Customers can purchase your products and services in advance; you'll get the bitcoin, or dollars, immediately.

  • Cut Costs

    Replace payment processing fees with value for you and your customers.

Oshi Map

A ₿commerce platform for everyone. Promote your deals alongside other nearby businesses, encouraging shoppers to support local.

Leverage Bitcoin

Take Bitcoin for a test spin risk-free.

Some of the world's most innovative companies are dipping into bitcoin. So can you. Whether you take payments online, in-store, or in-person, Oshi can help you ride the Bitcoin wave.

  • Future-proof your business in minutes
  • Accept bitcoin payments from anywhere
  • Payouts in bitcoin, USD, or both
oshi referrals
Lightning fast setup

Improve Margins

Get more for less

Processing fees cut into your margins, but they don't have to. Replace these fees with value: Marketing, rewards, and loyalty for your customers.

  • Receive payments instantly and near-free. In dollars or bitcoin.
  • Like cash, settlement is final. Say goodbye to chargebacks.
  • Online payments are now cheaper than in-store. Let that sink in.

Profit Share

Passive revenue stream for you and your employees

Share Oshi with your customers to earn bitcoin on every purchase they make.

oshi referrals

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Quick Setup

Lightning fast setup

Seamless integrations with some of the best bitcoin payment providers in the space.


Bitcoin made easy

Set up your account in minutes. Hard money has never been so easy to use.

  • 1

    Get started for free

    It costs nothing to promote your business on the Oshi App. Plug into the Bitcoin network in minutes.

  • 2

    Promote to locals

    We'll work with you to create a promotion that works for your business. Let us handle it.

  • 3

    Grow your business

    Reach new customers and keep them coming back with Bitcoin loyalty and rewards.

keep it local

Local spending creates community wealth

Processing fees destroy it. Swiping debit and credit cards siphons wealth from Main Street and gives it to Wall Street.

Bitcoin fixes this. Payments are now instant and near-free, without the middlemen. Save your business time and money, while empowering your community. Join businesses all over the world now using Bitcoin to experience commerce like never before.


Your gateway to the bitcoin economy

The Bitcoin community is growing fast. If you accept bitcoin, they will come. If you reward bitcoin they will come back.