Are you a business owner? Contact Us ->
Are you a business owner? Contact Us ->

Getting Started

Before you hit the streets, here are some ways to think about Oshi along with some simple strategies.

What you’ll need:

  • A passion for bitcoin
  • The Oshi App
  • Your personalized Oshi referral link to earn bitcoin commissions

Things to consider:

  • Keep it simple - businesses don’t need a lecture on the wonders of bitcoin in order to realize the benefits of using it via Oshi.
  • Team up with bitcoiners in your area - Find a local bitcoin meetup, or start your own!
  • Don’t get discouraged. Not everyone will be interested… yet.
  • Practice makes perfect. Just because a business says no the first time doesn’t mean they won’t say yes when nearby businesses are onboarded.
  • Utilize your network. Someone you know might own a business or know someone who does - Sometimes that’s all it takes.

We can help

If you or your prospective business is having trouble onboarding, reach out to us on Twitter or send a message to

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