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A Deeper Dive

The benefits of using Oshi.

Oshi leverages the bitcoin network to gain several advantages over traditional payment processing services and ecommerce platforms.

It’s free to promote your business to locals

There’s no cost for promoting your business on Oshi. You only pay when a customer actually purchases your goods or services through the app. When they do purchase through Oshi, it’s often cheaper than their current payment processor - sometimes dramatically cheaper.

Often times, businesses have to pay up-front for marketing and promotional services, not to mention expensive hardware to go along with it.

Bitcoin rewards provide a great incentive for customers

Most businesses already run various promotions. Incorporating bitcoin into the promotions they already run is a great way to differentiate themselves.

For example, ‘buy 10 coffees, get 1 free’ punch cards are boring. How about buy 10 coffees, get $3 in bitcoin free?

Happy hour specials are a dime a dozen. $2 off a drink during happy hour? Boring. $2 in free bitcoin on every drink during happy hour? Now we’re talking!

50% of those aged 25-40 own some form of cryptocurrency. How many of them do you think would like to earn bitcoin for free when supporting their local businesses?

A risk-free way to take bitcoin for a test drive

Oshi gives small businesses an easy way to interface with and accept bitcoin. Whether they have no interest in bitcoin, or are bitcoin fanatics, businesses can leverage this revolutionary technology to empower themselves and their customers.

Business are more open to bitcoin than you may think. If we get a chance to speak to the owners, our onboarding success rate is greater than 75%.

It saves businesses money on payment processing

Regular Oshi purchases cost just 2.5% per transaction, and Oshi automatically give 1.5% back to the customer as bitcoin rewards. Oshi promotions cost 2.5% + whatever the business would like to give back as rewards.

Popular payment processors like Square, Toast, and Clover charge around 2.6% + $0.10 for an in-store transaction, and 2.9% + $0.30 for an online transaction.

A $3 cup of coffee, sold in-store using traditional payment processing costs nearly 5.6% (The $0.10 flat fee adds an additional 3% processing fee)

That same $3 cup of coffee, sold online, costs 12.9% to process. (The $0.30 flat fee adds an additional 10% processing fee)

Using Oshi, the base fee is always 2.5%. For the first time ever, it’s cheaper for businesses to process payments online, using Oshi, than it is in-store.

Chargebacks are a thing of the past

Using bitcoin, payment settlement is instant and final, meaning no one can reverse the charge. Online commerce now comes with guarantees for the business.

Credit card fraud reached nearly $30 billion worldwide in 2019. Bitcoin fixes this.

When a business incurs chargeback, not only do they lose the money originally paid to them, but also the product or service given to the customer. Additionally, the card issuer often penalizes the business, incurring even more fees.

Pre-sell your products and services

Now that they’re participating in local ecommerce, business can sell their goods and services online in voucher form, receiving the money up-front. This can not only give businesses a quick injection of capital for their day-to-day operations, but also help them plan for the coming week or month, since they have a better idea of what to expect given the number of vouchers they’ve sold.

85% of retail commerce in the United States happens in-store with the swipe of a card. What if these brick and mortar businesses could tap into the ecommerce world in a way that makes sense?

Likes and comments are great, but money is better

Businesses often utilize social media to market themselves. While they may be getting engagement, how much of that is actually converting to sales?

With Oshi, you can post your social media-like promotions and have customers buy it, all from the same platform, for cheaper than if they were to swipe their card in-store.

Preserve your community wealth

Every time you swipe your card, wealth is leaving your community in the form of payment processing fees. Lightning keeps local wealth local, outside the reach of financial institutions and intermediaries. Stop letting Wall Street take their cut - Keep it all on Main Street.

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