Are you a business owner? Contact Us ->
Are you a business owner? Contact Us ->

The Pitch

A how-to guide for onboarding businesses in your community.

While we encourage everyone to pitch Oshi according to their own style, this is the generic pitch that works for us. It doesn’t have to be perfect.

⚡ Briefly explain Oshi to the owner or manager

Keep it simple.

"There's this new promotions app called Oshi that enables businesses to reward customers in bitcoin for shopping local."

If there's already nearby businesses on the app, make sure you mention it and/or show them a quick demo. - Feel free to show them other locations like Austin or Redding to give them an idea of how it works.

⚡ Compare Oshi to something they’re likely familiar with

Oshi is a Bitcoin neoGroupon.

"It's sort of like Groupon, except instead of a discount, you can use bitcoin rewards as the incentive. For example, a 5% discount would translate to 5% bitcoin 'cashback' rewards on Oshi."

While using Groupon as an example is quick and easy, some business owners may have had a bad experience with it. Be mindful of this and make sure you explain how Oshi is different.


  • Instant settlement, no chargebacks
  • 2.5% platform fee
  • Greater promotion flexibility


  • Delayed settlement, chargeback risk
  • 30-50% platform fee
  • Strict promotion guidelines

⚡ Explain how it works

A quick explanation of what it would look like to the customer, and what it looks like for the business or employee.

"Locals can browse and buy the best deals all from the same app - weekly specials, happy hours, and promotions. Once purchased, the business receives the money instantly, and the customer receives a digital voucher they can redeem whenever they're ready."

Whether the customer wants to redeem the voucher 10 seconds after the purchase, or 10 weeks after the purchase, the business receives the money instantly. The business is effectively running a pre-sale on their goods or services.

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