Oshi Loyalty Upgrades

October 2, 2023

Today, we're thrilled to unveil a suite of new features enabling businesses to seamlessly integrate robust, Bitcoin-infused loyalty and rewards programs directly into their Shopify, WooCommerce, or Square stores. These enhancements empower businesses, regardless of size, to not only bolster customer retention but, uniquely through Bitcoin, amplify customer acquisition as well. With our advanced loyalty system, businesses can effortlessly captivate their customers, rewarding them with Bitcoin on every purchase. Moreover, they join a global network of local businesses offering this unique reward with limitless potential.

Oshi's Vision for Nurturing the Bitcoin Economy

Throughout our journey, having helped hundreds of businesses embrace Bitcoin acceptance, we've been at the forefront of stimulating the Bitcoin economy. This firsthand experience positioned us uniquely, not just as facilitators but as observers of the transformative wave Bitcoin brought with it. One key insight emerged: while getting businesses to accept Bitcoin is an important move, the real driving force for a thriving Bitcoin economy is ensuring a broad user base sees it as a regular payment method, understanding its inherent benefits and general ease of use.

This insight didn't alter our end goal but rather highlighted a more potent path towards it. While we celebrate businesses integrating Bitcoin, it's crucial to remember that they do so to serve their customers, and the economy thrives when both entities symbiotically prosper.

Businesses might be the engine of the economy, but consumers are its fuel.

Our reinforced mission is to embed Bitcoin rewards into everyday transactions, offering businesses a powerful tool to serve their clientele. By doing so, customers receive a seamless method to earn Bitcoin, familiarizing them with this transformative currency and naturally fostering its circulation. This creates a virtuous cycle where consumers aren't merely passive recipients but vibrant contributors to the Bitcoin ecosystem.

We envision a future where Bitcoin isn't just a trending topic, but a daily part of commerce and conversation. Our commitment extends beyond facilitating transactions; it's about weaving a fabric of understanding, appreciation, and usage around Bitcoin. As we journey forward, we invite you to explore the latest enhancements we've integrated, each designed to fortify this vision and offer unparalleled value to businesses and the communities they serve.

VIP Tiers

Consistent patronage is the backbone of any thriving business. Recognizing and rewarding customers for their loyalty isn't just a nice gesture—it's a strategic move that drives continuous engagement and cultivates brand enthusiasm. For years, businesses have hinged on VIP tiers and loyalty milestones to ensure that customers aren't just making one-off purchases, but are instead enticed to keep returning.

Understanding the significance of VIP tiers is one thing; implementing them efficiently is another. At Oshi, we've made the setup process as straightforward as possible, ensuring you can personalize your loyalty program with ease.

Beef Initiative customizing VIP Tiers with ease.

  • Customization at Your Fingertips: Start by naming each VIP tier to align with your brand's theme or the level of loyalty it represents. Whether you want to use classic labels like 'Gold', 'Silver', and 'Bronze' or opt for something more playful or brand-specific, the choice is yours.
  • Define the Spending Thresholds: Determine the spending milestones customers must achieve to unlock each tier. These thresholds serve as clear goals for your customers, motivating them to spend more and climb the ranks of loyalty.
  • Set Reward Amounts: Here's where the magic of Bitcoin comes into play. Decide on the Bitcoin reward amounts for each tier, ensuring that higher tiers offer more enticing rewards. This structure magnifies the appeal of progressing through tiers, as customers know their loyalty will result in increasingly valuable Bitcoin returns.

Selo Olive Oil engaging customers and showing VIP tier progress.

With these easy steps you can have your VIP tiers up and running in mere minutes. It's not just about creating a loyalty system; it's about designing an experience that benefits both your business and your cherished customers.

Referrals & Affiliates

Word-of-mouth has always been a force multiplier for businesses. When customers vouch for you, their circle of trust expands to cover your brand. Now, imagine amplifying that trust with the allure of Bitcoin rewards. The strategic pairing of referrals and affiliates with Bitcoin not only brings a brand's advocacy into the limelight but also revolutionizes the incentives involved. Here's how you can weave this into your business:


Referrals rely on the trust and organic advocacy between friends, families, and peers. It's personal, intimate, and one of the most genuine forms of marketing.

  • Tailor Your Rewards: Decide on the Bitcoin reward structure for the referrer. You can choose to reward them with a fixed Bitcoin amount or a percentage of the total sale made by the person they referred.
  • Bonuses for New Customers: To make the deal sweeter for newcomers, offer them Bitcoin rewards on their first purchase. This not only thanks them for trying out your business but also introduces them to the world of Bitcoin.
  • Automatic Shareability: After a purchase, customers receive an email detailing the referral program. Embedded within is a personalized, sharable link they can distribute across their network, turning satisfied customers into eager promoters.

Noble Origins building organic advocacy through referrals.


Affiliates are like your brand's external marketing team. They have the reach and the audience, and with the right incentives, they can substantially amplify your brand's presence.

Bitcoin's global appeal is undeniable. With Oshi's affiliate program, tap into this fervor, creating a worldwide network of brand promoters. By offering Bitcoin rewards, you're not just incentivizing; you're unlocking a universal incentive. Now, anyone, anywhere can become an affiliate, championing your brand on a global monetary stage. Harness the worldwide enthusiasm for Bitcoin and transform every enthusiast into a potential advocate for your business.

  • Set Up Commission Structures: Determine the Bitcoin commission affiliates will earn for every sale made through their link. This isn't just any commission; it's Bitcoin, a unique and captivating incentive.
  • Lifetime Earnings: Beyond the initial purchase, offer affiliates the opportunity to continuously earn a Bitcoin commission for all subsequent purchases made by their referred customer. This layered structure provides immediate satisfaction and the promise of passive, long-term income.
  • Empower Through Information: Like the referral system, affiliates receive an email with all the necessary details, along with easily shareable links. Ensuring they're well-informed and equipped paves the way for effective promotion.

Hodlers Official offering lifetime commission to affiliates.

Every referral and shared link with Oshi not only boosts your business but delights your customers. By seamlessly integrating Bitcoin rewards, you expand your reach with no extra effort. You're not just adapting; you're offering a glimpse into an exciting financial future, placing your business at the forefront of innovation.

Social Engagement

In an era dominated by digital interactions, a brand's resonance on social media platforms speaks volumes. With an ocean of brands vying for attention, enhancing and sustaining your social media footprint becomes paramount. Oshi presents a unique solution to achieve just that, with the added appeal of Bitcoin rewards.

Farmer Bill's Provisions running automated Social Engagement campaigns in minutes.

  • Choose Your Platform(s): Be it TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube, you can now offer rewards when customers engage with you.
  • Provide Your Username: Input your brand's username for the selected platform(s).
  • Set Reward Amounts: Determine the Bitcoin amount your customers will earn for their engagement. Remember, a more attractive reward can lead to higher interaction.

Each follow, like, or subscription is a clear affirmation of trust and interest in your brand. By rewarding these interactions, you're not only acknowledging their loyalty but also strengthening a bond. This increased engagement ensures your brand's updates, launches, and stories gain maximum traction, escalating visibility and, by extension, sales.

Looking to the Future

At Oshi, our mission is rooted in fostering connections—connecting businesses to a burgeoning Bitcoin economy and customers to novel, rewarding experiences.

We're thrilled to empower businesses, big and small, in capturing new horizons and enhancing customer loyalty. If you're looking to take your business to the next level, contact us to learn more.

Looking to infuse Bitcoin rewards into your business?