Loyalty works.

Harness the power of proven customer loyalty strategies to grow your business.

Increase profits
Boost profits 25-95% by increasing customer retention just 5%.
Boost revenue
Loyal customers spend 5x more than first time purchasers.
Save money
Customer retention is cheap, acquiring new ones costs 7x more.
Raise awareness
Repeat customers are 2.5x more likely to refer friends.

But it could be better.

Boring rewards

Points and stars have lost their appeal

Low engagement

58% of customer loyalty memberships are inactive


Poor redemption

70% of shoppers abandon rewards

No network effect

Most consumers belong to 15+ loyalty programs


Loyalty reimagined with Bitcoin

loyal customer earning bitcoin rewards

Global rewards for local businesses.

Move beyond coffee stars, pizza points, and punch cards. Transform your loyalty program into an exciting journey, rewarding customers with Bitcoin - the gift that keeps on giving as its value increases globally over time.

referrals and engagement with bitcoin rewards

Bitcoin is captivating the world. Use it to your advantage.

Embrace the currency of the future and transform your customer interactions. Bitcoin rewards intrigue and entice, fostering a deeper connection and driving customer engagement to new heights.

join the global loyalty network

Experience the global loyalty network.

Fortune 500 companies have global loyalty programs with rewards redeemable at thousands of locations. With Bitcoin rewards, businesses of all sizes can achieve a global network effect for their loyal customers, with rewards redeemable anywhere Bitcoin is accepted, saved, or exchanged.

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